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Welcome to Y4I's Class Page

If you should wish to speak to me, please send me an email (tom.ibison@pudseyprimrosehill.co.uk), call the school office (0113 2574129) or try and catch me before or after school, and we can arrange a time to meet.

We hope you enjoy exploring all the learning that takes place in our class on this page throughout the year!

Dates for your diary:

Monday 30th October - Children return to school
Thursday 2nd November - Auditions for Y3/4 Christmas Play
Thursday 3rd November - Swimming starts up again
Friday 4th November - New 'Read Aloud at Home' book out
Tuesday 7th November - Parent's Evening
Friday 10th November - Leeds Beckett students Learning Day
Monday 11th November - Anti-Bullying Week Odd Socks Day (Children to wear odd socks)
Wednesday 15th November - Parent's Evening
Friday 17th November - Children in Need - wear something spotty
Monday 27th November to Friday 1st December - Around the World Focus Week
Friday 8th December - Final day for 'Read Aloud at Home' books to be returned to school
Wednesday 13th December - Year 3/4 Christmas Play at 6pm
Thursday 14th December - Year 3/4 Christmas Party
Friday 15th December - Break up for Christmas holidays

This half-term's class reader is:

Kensuke's Kingdom
by Michael Murpurgo

We will sail into a world of mystery and adventure in our Literacy work and other areas of the curriculum, including art and georgraphy.

This half-term's home reader is:

The Boy in the Dress
by David Walliams

Swimming is every Thursday and children must bring:
  • A swimming costume/trunks
  • A towel
  • A bag big enough to carry everything in

Some websites to extend learning





Children in Need

The School Council ran another fantastic Children in Need day on Friday. This included dressing in something spotty, a special assembly and a chance for each class to guess the amount of sweets in a jar - closest guess wins the lot! Reece McDermott was the lucky winner in our class and graciously shared his prize with the whole class - Pudsey would be proud of your charitable spirit! Thanks to your donations, we raised over £400 in school for this great charity. To help drum up more support, the Children designed posters to take home aimed to encourage people to donate. Well done to our School Council representatives, Libby and Zach, for all their hard work in making the day so brilliant.

Children in Need
Achievement Awards Winner and Learning Legend of the Week

This week, two lucky award winners were chosen for their improvements in their writing and kindness to others. Incredibly, the awards were presented by Pudsey Bear himself during a special assembly (see the Newsletter for more details). In addition to these achievement award winners, I was also able to name our Learning Legend of the Week. The winner encompasses everything that makes a good Learning Legend and is a role model to his peers.

Achievement Awards Winner and Learning Legend of the Week
Leeds Beckett Students Learning Day

The children had a wonderful day doing two different activities planned and delivered by students from Leeds Beckett University. One activity centred around the journey Michael takes on the sailing boat the 'Peggy Sue' from our class reader 'Kensuke's Kingdom'. The other looked at the make up of boats and the children had a go working in teams to create a boat that floated. On behalf of the children, I'd like to thank the students for a great day and for all their hard work!

Leeds Beckett Students Learning Day
Achievement Awards Winner and Learning Legend of the Week

Well done to these two superstars for their brilliant attitude to learning this week! Keep it up!

Achievement Awards Winner and Learning Legend of the Week
Politicians of the future

The children had a fantastic afternoon learning about Democracy with Mrs Clegg. They looked at the right to vote and some children ran for office against manifestos they were given. The discussions children had were incredible and they understood the difficulties adults face when coming to vote, choosing who to vote for when they agree and disagree with things the parties stand for. They even voted in secret for the party they wanted to elect to Parliament. Many showed real promise as politicians of the future! Look out Westminster!

Politicians of the future
Achievement Awards Winner and Learning Legend of the Week

Well done to this week's award winners! They've been working very hard and it is paying off. Keep on pushing!

Achievement Awards Winner and Learning Legend of the Week
Achievement Awards Winner

Well done to this week's award winner. Some incredible reasoning in maths earnt him this award. Keep it up!

Achievement Awards Winner
Achievement Awards Winner and Learning Legend of the Week

Congratulations to our award winners this week. Both of them have worked extremly hard and are becoming little, learning legends thanks to their hard work, perserverance and desire to learn and get better. Keep up the good work!

Achievement Awards Winner and Learning Legend of the Week
Take a Peake at our Out of This World trip

Today, Y3EW and Y4I enjoyed a wonderful day at the Science & Media Museum in Bradford. Following on from our fabulous Space Focus Week and the brilliant learning the children did about Tim Peake for their Learning Log, we got to see the actual capsule the British astronaut traveled to and from space in! The children took part in a number of exciting workshops and explored what it would be like to travel to space. We also got the chance to spend time in some of the museum's other galleries, including ones about gaming and photography. It was a fantastic day and I'd like to thank all the staff who made it possible and our incredible parent helpers!

Take a Peake at our Out of This World trip
Alien Attack

The classroom has been invaded by little, green men!! The children had a great afternoon using watercolours to paint the new planet we have been studying and creating plasticine models of the alien character from their space stories.

Alien Attack
Out of this World Learning Log

A big well done to Khadija for her incredible Learning Log this week! Her model of the solar system hangs proudly from our Focus Week display. Great work!

Out of this World Learning Log
Lost in Space

This week the children are researching the new solar system that NASA have discovered. It is very similar to our own solar system and we have each been given a planet to study. To work out which of our planets the new planet we have been given to study is like, we worked in groups to research our planets and summarise what we learnt on posters. We then figured out from the clues found in the capsule NASA gave to us that our planet is most like Saturn.

Lost in Space
Learning Legend of the Week

Congratulations to the first Learning Legend of the Week! This award celebrates the child who has worked the hardest to meet our new Learning Legend goals, which link to our Be Your Best Trackers. In class, we celebrate when children meet these goals and post them up on our display. The Learning Legend of the Week is the person who has best met these goals and will be displayed as a symbol of learning excellence throughout the week.

Learning Legend of the Week

A reminder that swimming starts this week. Children will require the following:

  • Bag (big enough to carry everything)
  • Swimming costume/trunks
  • Towel
  • Goggles (optional)
Maths is Fun

On Friday, we took part in a number of activities in our Maths lesson to test our understanding of everything we had learnt about 4-digit numbers so far this year. We wrote them in words, represented them using Base 10, place value counters and numicon, used place value grids, explored number lines, answered word problems and practiced our reasoning skills. We had a great time applying our new skills!

Maths is Fun
Times Tables Rockstars
Today we became the Mick Jagger and Debbie Harry's of maths when we launched a new way to help us with our times tables. Times Tables Rockstars allows children to compete as their very own rock legend in times tables games against their classmates, other classes and even other schools. We had a lot of fun 'performing' at various festivals today and the children have their usernames and passwords so they can rock out at home too!


Times tables are really important in Y4 and anything that can be done at home to help support your children's times tables learning will be extremely beneficial. As well as being a Rockstar, children can also learn their times tables using some great songs that are covers of some of their favourite chart hits. Below is a link to the song for x6 (a cover of 'Cheerleader' by OMI) but there are songs for all tables that can be found by following the links to the right of the video.


Lets get rocking our way to times tables greatness!