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Welcome to Y4K's Class Page
Mr Kempster

Across school this year we are celebrating
2016-2017 The Year of Reading
I will aim to update this page regularly to show off what we have been doing each week in school and in our classroom.
If you wish to contact me and cannot get into school please email me at this address: andy.kempster@pudseyprimrosehill.co.uk. 
Our Weekly Routine:
Monday - Homework returned to school.
Tuesday - Key Stage 2 Singing in the morning.
                Enrichment afternoons (except focus weeks and the first and last week of term).
Wednesday - PE in the afternoon and homework is sent out.
Thursday – Achievement Assembly
                Swimming (we leave school at 1030 am and return at 1200)
Friday - Key Stage 2 Assembly and House points are totalled up from the week.

Weekly Maths Challenge
Each week I will post a maths challenge for all the class to have a go at.
The aim of this is to spend a few minutes thinking about the problem and how it could be solved.  We are starting with some easy challenges but they will get progressively harder throughout the year.
Mastering maths is not just about being able to solve routine maths calculations but being able to use a wide range of different strategies effectively to solve different problems.  A good way to develop these skills is through practice and explaining to someone else how to solve the problem.
Have a go at home and parents and carers please do not show your child how to solve the problem – let them work it through themselves, support them and ask them how they worked it out and more importantly how they know that they have solved it.  Later in the year they may be showing you how to solve some of these challenges!

Superhero Art work

As a class we are reading the book "My brother is a superhero" by David Solomons and in support of our reading and literacy work we have all created our very own superheroes (and some super villains)

Weekly Maths Challenge 5 June 2017


Stamps 2

Lucy spent £2 on 10p and 20p stamps.

She bought three times as many

10p stamps as 20p stamps.

How many of each stamp did Lucy buy?

Weekly maths challenge solution - Stamps

Here is the solution to the maths challenge - Stamps.

Y4K Performance Poetry

Each child in the class chose to perform one of their poems. Here are the results.

Onomatopoeia Poems

Not content with just writing one poem this week we continued to write a second poem using onomatopoeia to describe the sounds Joe heard as he tried to get to sleep; the first ever billionaire to sleep rough! Again the children produced some excellent work. Well done everybody.

Simile Poems

This week we have been exploring poetry and we have written a poem based on our class reader, Billionaire Boy by David Walliams. we explored using similes to describe how Joe felt about different events that happened in the book. Have a look at our super poems in this attachment.

Weekly Maths Challenge 15 May 2017


David’s parcel cost 55p to post.

He stuck on eight stamps.

Each stamp was either 10p or 5p.

How many of each stamp did David stick on his parcel?


Weekly Maths Challenge - Solution

We have rolled over this problem and covered harder fractions since in class but here is the solution for those at home who may have found this tricky.

Y4K Billionaire Boy Playscripts

This week we were looking at the skill of writing a dialogue between three of the characters from our class reader 'Billionaire Boy' by David Walliams. Once we had written the dialogue as it would appear in a narrative story, we worked in small groups of three to write a playscript. We recorded each mini play as a sound recording and the results can be heard below. The class all worked together to produce some great work and some original ideas. Well done to everyone.

Player Loading...
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Mrs Traffe's Monstrous Meals

Inspired by Billionaire Boy and the dinner lady's delicious delights we created menus and recipes for everyone to try at home! We also made complete plated meals of our own food. There are a worrying amount of tails and eyeballs but we all had great fun creating these monstrous meals.

Mrs Traffe's Monstrous Meals

Weekly Maths Challenge – 2 May 2017

Applying fractions

A soup recipe uses ¾ as many onions as carrots. Jo is making the soup and has 8 carrots.

1.  How many onions does Jo use?

The recipe is a great success and word has spread so the following week Jo has to make soup for more people.  She has to use 2¼ times the amount of ingredients she used before to serve all 18 people.

2.  How many people did the original recipe serve?


Weekly Maths Challenge solution - Reflected Clock Faces

We rolled this challenge over two weeks and here is the solution.

Weekly Maths Challenge 17th April 2017

A simple challenge this week to ease us back into the new term.  these clock faces have been viewed in a mirror, but what time does each one show? 

TIP you may want to draw a normal clock face to help you.

Y4K Trip to the National Railway Museum - York

We had a great day out in York learning about how railways are made as part of our 'On the Move' focus week. I would like to say a special thank you to our two parent helpers for supporting this trip.

Y4K Trip to the National Railway Museum - York
Weekly Maths Challenge solution - Cards on the table

please follow the link to the solution to last week's problem

Weekly Maths Challenge 20th March - Cards on the table

A simple problem that could earn you 5 house points.

Sam put some cards on the table.

One half of them were face down.

He turned over two cards and then one third were face up.


How many cards did Sam put on the table?

Weekly Maths Challenge 'Difficult Digits' - Solution

Please find attached the solution to the difficult digits maths challenge.

Science Super Learning Day - 'Heat Insulators'

We heated some water and recorded the temperature fall over time to compare a variety of different insulating materials. we then used the results in maths to practise handling data and presenting our results as a line graph.

Science Super Learning Day - 'Heat Insulators'
Science Super Learning Day - 'Cleaning Coins'

We tested lots of different products to see which was the best solution to clean old 1p and 2p coins. We put the coins in each solution so they were only half submerged that way we could compare the 'before' and 'after' changes in colour.

Science Super Learning Day - 'Cleaning Coins'

Focus Week - 'On the Move' Monday 27th - Friday 31st March


I just wanted to clarify a few points we discussed as a class at the end of last week.


During our next focus week we will be going on our class trip to the National Railway Museum (28th March), and we will be comparing different modes of transport. During the week itself each class has been challenged with designing and building a form of transport. We have talked about this as a class and we will spend some time next week narrowing down some of our ideas of what we will build. This will then allow us a week to get together any resources we may need in order to build our mode of transport.


The challenge is deliberately ‘wide open’ to allow the children to make informed decisions about what we can or can’t do within our skill range! We can build a model or a full size working replica and we will only be limited by our imaginations (and the width of our classroom doorway).


Many of the children on Friday, when we discussed this, offered a variety of resources to the class including a variety of different engines and vehicle parts. I also had to clarify that fastening old bicycle stabiliser wheels onto a plastic washing basket may not hold as firmly as many of the class believed.


We will all have great fun building a mode of transport during focus week, and at the moment there is no requirement for any body to source anything from auto trader etc as we are still thinking about what we could build.

Weekly Maths Challenge 13th March 2017

Difficult Digits

This week you have three small challenges to overcome:

1. Use four 4's to make 44.

2: Use five 5's to make 55.

3: Use six 6's to make 66.



You have to use all the digits listed in each challenge and any of the symbols +, −, x, ÷ and =.

All you have to do is write out a number sentence to fit the question.

You can play around with a calculator to help you work out this puzzle.


Here are two examples of attempts to solve challenge 1 (use four 4’s to make 44):


4 + 4 + 44 = 52           or           44 x 4 - 4 = 172


In both of these examples I have used four 4’s but neither sum adds up to the target 44!

Can you do any better?


Mosaics and Skeletons

As part of our learning in science and History we have created some amazing works of art. We made skeletons out of art straws and mosaic pictures from small pieces of coloured card.

Mosaics and Skeletons
Weekly Maths Challenge - 6th March

School Survey

120 children were asked a series of questions with two possible options.  The first question asked the children what their favourite colour was and one third of them said it was blue.  Three fifths of those who liked blue, also liked strawberry milkshake more than chocolate, and one sixth of those that liked strawberry milkshake and the colour blue also preferred beans on toast to pizza.

Exactly how many people are in the group that prefers beans on toast, strawberry milkshake and the colour blue?

Tip: It may help to draw a bar model for each group.

Bonus question:

Eight sixteenths of the children who didn’t like blue preferred chocolate milkshake, and of those 0.25 liked beans on toast better.  How many children are in this group?


Solution to Weekly Maths Problem - Heads or Tails

Here is the solution to last weeks maths challenge.

World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March 2017

We all dressed up for world book day and the class all looked amazing as you can see from these photos.

World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March 2017
The Digestive system

We learnt that food travels quite a long distance inside the body from the 'front door' to the 'back door'. We also learnt that food moves through the system by a series of muscular contractions. We tested the question; "Is it possible to drink upside down?" by looking at how swallowing and these contractions work. As you can see we used the latest state of the art technology to test this theory.

The Digestive system
The Cracker Eating Challenge

Having looked at our teeth we put them into action to see how quickly we could eat dry crackers. Everyone agreed that you could only swallow the crackers once they were mixed with saliva. This was an excellent introduction into the digestive system.

The Cracker Eating Challenge

This week we have focused all of our learning around the human body and we began by looking at our teeth. Some of the children were surprised when they saw the back of their teeth.

Monday 20th February - Urgent News - PE Kit required
We will be skipping on Monday morning and all children will need their PE kit and indoor footwear to take part in this.

On Monday morning we will be doing some skipping training with a guest teacher.  At the end of last term children took home their PE kits and as we normally have PE on a Wednesday some children may not bring theirs in on Monday.  This training will be for all Year 4 children so if you are reading this please spread the word for next week.  

Weekly Maths Challenge - 20th February 2017

Heads or Tails

This is a simple little problem that you can try easily with four coins.

Put four coins on a table, in a row, all tails up, like this:

T      T       T       T


Turn any three coins over: this counts as one move.

You must turn three different coins to complete one move!

How many moves will it take to get all the coins on heads?

Remember: you have to turn three coins over each move.


Solution to last weeks challenge - Friend's shirt puzzle

click on the link to find a solution and explanation of how this simple puzzle could be solved.

PE - Vaulting at Priesthorpe School

We had been working with a PE teacher from Priesthorpe School this half term with a focus on gymnastics and especially 'flight'. We all learned lots of different skills and the final session was held on the last day of term at Priesthorpe School where we were given full access to all of their vaulting equipment to demonstrate what we had learnt. Th children set out the equipment into five lanes and then spent over an hour running, vaulting and running back for another go. I think these pictures show how much fun we had on the day! A great way to finish the half term.

PE - Vaulting at Priesthorpe School
Tiddler Art Work

Our art challenge this week was to create a picture depicting the characters the children were writing about in their stories, based upon the book 'Tiddler'. The children were allowed to use different coloured paper, card, tissue paper and glue; but they could not use paints, crayons, pens, pencils, rulers or scissors. these are some of the amazing results.

Tiddler Art Work
Maths Weekly Challenge 6th February

The Puzzle:

At a restaurant downtown, Mr. Red, Mr. Blue, and Mr. White meet for lunch.
Under their coats they are wearing either a red, blue, or white shirt.
Mr. Blue says, "Hey, did you notice we are all wearing different coloured shirts from our names?"
The man wearing the white shirt says, "Wow, Mr. Blue, that's right!"

Can you tell who is wearing what colour shirt?

Weekly Maths Challenge solution - What's my number (2)

Click on the link to find the solution to last weeks challenge.

Weekly Maths Challenge

This week we have another what's my number challenge.


What’s my Number (2)?

I have a 4-digit number.

All the digits are different.

The thousands digit is three times the units digit.

The units digit is three less than the hundreds digit.

If I halve the hundreds digit and add one I get the tens digit.

What’s my number?


Solution to last weeks challenge - What's my number?

click to find the answer and how to work it out.

Weekly Maths Challenge - What's my number?

I have a 4-digit number.
The digits are all different.
The units digit is double the thousands digit.
The units digit is 1 less than the tens digit.
The thousands digit is an odd number.
The hundreds digit is the difference between the tens digit and the thousands digit.
What’s my number?

Weekly Maths Challenge Solution - Peas Galore

please click on the attachment for the solution to this maths challenge.

PE - Partner Balances

Today we worked with a specialist PE teacher from a local Secondary School. Our challenge was to develop a series of partner balances and I think everyone enjoyed demonstrating their work.

PE - Partner Balances
Recreating the Sistine Chapel

As part of our work into Italy we attempted to recreate the Sistine Chapel ceiling on the underside of our desks! Michelangelo would be proud of our work, and the children had great fun as you can see from the photographs.

Recreating the Sistine Chapel
Weekly Maths Challenge - 16 January 2017

Have a go at this challenge.

Peas Galore

At a school fete people were asked to guess how many peas there were in a jar.
No one guessed correctly, but the nearest guesses were 163, 169, 178 and 182.
One of the numbers was one out, one was three out, one was ten out and the other sixteen out.

How many peas were there in the jar?

Solution to Weekly Maths Problem - Beach Snacks

Please click on the link for a complete explanation of how we solved this problem.

Featured Authors by Term 
Roald Dahl Autumn 1.1 (September - October half term)
David Walliams Autumn 1.2 (October half term - Christmas)
Anne Fine Spring 2.1 (January - February half term)
Michael Morpurgo Spring 2.2 (February half term - Easter)
Lauren Child Summer 3.1 (Easter - May half term)
Michael Rosen 3.2 (May half term - July)

Focus Week - Using our knowledge of circuits to catch Father Christmas!

Here are some explanations of how the Santa trap should work.

Focus Week - Using our knowledge of circuits to catch Father Christmas!

We used the knowledge we had learned earlier in the week to develop a circuit that could be used to trap Santa.

Focus Week - Using our knowledge of circuits to catch Father Christmas!
Focus Week - Exploring conductors and insulators

We built a simple circuit with a light bulb and placed the electrodes onto a variety of different objects to test if they were conductors (they would let the current flow through them) or insulators (they would not allow the current to pass through). We discovered that most metals were conductors, but some were insulators.

Focus Week - Exploring conductors and insulators
Focus Week - Exploring Static electricity

We looked at how static electricity is formed by conducting experiments with some balloons. We generated electrical charges inside the balloons and used that power to make them stick to other objects, make our hair stand on end and make a tin can roll along a desk. We used this information to explore what happens inside a cloud during a thunderstorm.

Focus Week - Exploring Static electricity
Focus Week - Exploring electricity

To begin the week we looked at lots of different electrical components and where electricity came from.

Focus Week - Exploring electricity
Weekly Maths Challenge - 21/11/2016

Beach Snacks

Mark was lazing on the beach when he was feeling peckish.
He went to the café and bought 2 iced buns and 1 lolly. It cost him 80 pence.
David came along just as Mark was finishing the iced bun. "Hey, where's mine?" he shouted.
"All gone" muttered Mark, feeling rather guilty.
"Well, I'll just get my own then," said David, "I'll show you!"
Showing off, David bought 3 iced buns and 2 lollies. It cost him £1.30.
He took them back and sat down next to Mark and then ate all the buns in one go. Five minutes later: "Err, I don't feel very well," groaned David, "Would you like to buy the lollies off me?"
"OK," said Mark, "How much did they cost?"
Can you answer that question?  How much did he pay for 2 lollies?

Ten Tents Weekly Maths Challenge

Click on the link below for the solution to last week's maths challenge

Ten Tents (Y4K Weekly Maths Challenge)

A simpler problem this week.  have a go at this!

Each letter is worth a number of points.
The points are added up to make the total for the word.
Try to work out the number of points for each letter and then find the value of the last word.


TEE = 4
TEN = 6
NEST = 10
TENTS = ? (How many points would TENTS get?)

T =                          E =                          N =                         S =                          therefore TENTS =
500 Problem - Solution

Please click on the link to see the solution to the 500 problem

Weekly Maths Challenge - The 500 Problem
Here’s a subtraction problem. The numbers a and b stand for digits. If the two subtraction sums give the same answer, what digits do a and b stand for?
              500                 5ab

           -  ab5              -  500 
Solution to weekly Maths Challenge - Lollies, Lollies, Lollies

Sorry for the delay with this post (technical difficulties) but here is the solution to the last weekly maths challenge.

Weekly Maths Challenge W/C 10th October
This problem is similar to some we have already done this half term.  How quickly can you solve it?

Lollies, Lollies, Lollies
On Monday, Sam, Sunny and Sylvia shared some lollies that their mother had given them.
Sunny got twice as many lollies as Sam.
Sylvia got three times as many lollies as Sam.
Their mother gave them the same number of lollies each day up to (and including) Friday.
If Sylvia got a total of 18 lollies on Tuesday and Wednesday, how many lollies did Sunny get for the whole five days?
How many lollies would Sam need to get on Saturday if he wanted to have 39 lollies altogether?

Solution to PQRS Weekly Maths Challenge W/C 3rd October

Please click the link below for the solution to last weeks maths challenge.

Weekly Maths Challenge W/C 3 October 2016

This week I have chosen a simple problem that links directly to what we have been covering in our maths calculations lessons - subtraction
 Q  0  S
-  P  0  R  2
   2   0  0  8

In this subtraction, four numbers have been replaced with the letters, 
P Q R  and Scalculate what each letter represents in order to answer this question:

What is the value of 
P S?
Weekly Maths Challenge Answer - Rock Pool W/E 2 October 2016

Click on the link below to find the solution to this weeks maths challenge. I was pleased to see lots of the children trying to work this out throughout the week and three children scooped 5 house points each for showing me the correct answer and how they worked it out this morning in our maths lesson.

Weekly Maths Challenge Answer - Pizza Place W/E 25th September 2016

The answer to last weeks maths challenge can now be viewed on the attachment link below. There was a delay in putting this out because we had not completed the final discussion about this on Friday as we were completing our Focus Week Video.

Viking Attack News Reports

We have been learning about the Viking invasions of the UK and each table group produced a brief news report of the invasion.

Weekly Maths Challenge Sun 25th September 2016

The Rock Pool
Some octopuses, some fish and a few mermaids were happily frolicking in a rock pool.
Altogether there were 38 arms, 24 eyes and 8 tails all swimming in the pool.
How many mermaids were there?

Answer next Friday after we have discussed this in class.
Jeans for Genes Day

On Friday we all wore some denim in support of a very worthwhile cause and we had a class photograph taken firstly sitting outside on the steps and then of the whole class doing a "Denim Dab"

Jeans for Genes Day
Focus Week - Cities Around the World

We ll had great fun learning about Scandinavia, and our class focused on Norway. this picture shows us all putting together our class pages for the school travel guide book.

Focus Week - Cities Around the World
Weekly Maths Challenge Sunday 18th September.

The Pizza Place only has three tables.
The biggest one seats three times as many people as the smallest one.
The middle sized table seats twice as many people as the smallest one.
On Tuesday night three-quarters of the seats were taken.  Then twelve more people arrived. Unfortunately there were only enough seats for half of them.
How many people can sit at the smallest table?
Remember three quarters of the seats were taken means 3 out of 4 seats were being used.

Solution will be discussed in class on Friday 23rd September and posted on line with the next maths challenge next weekend.

Good Luck.
Classroom Notes
On Wednesday 14th September we held elections in each class for school council representatives.  I am very pleased to announce that Amy Thornton and Finlay Cooper will be representing us all in Y4K this year as our officially elected school council members.

Also on Thursday 15th September, the new termly prefects were announced in a whole school assembly.  I am very pleased to confirm that I chose Cloey Wilson and Zach Holden- Coyle to undertake this role and I am sure that they will both carry out their duties to the best of their abilities.

I am very proud of all of the children in my class and how they have settled into the new term.  I am delighted that so many of them have stepped up to the challenge of taking on extra roles; helping our class, and our class mates to be the best that they can be.

Well done everyone.
Solution to Legs in the Barn

Attached is a solution to last weeks maths challenge. Just click on the link below. Did you solve it?

Weekly Maths Challenge – 12th September
Legs in the Barn

One third of the animals in the barn are chickens. The rest are pigs. There are 20 legs in all.
How many pigs are there?

PE 7th September

In PE this week we had a go at some team based challenges. We set up three teams randomly and had to work together to complete a series of physical challenges as quickly as possible. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves as you can see from these pictures.

PE 7th September