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Nursery Staff        
We work together to meet the needs of all children in our Nursery.
All children are allocated a member of staff to be their key worker. The Nursery teacher is responsible for planning, teaching and assessing the skills and knowledge of all the children with the team of staff. 

All staff interact with the children and support and develop their learning through planned and spontaneous play and learning challenges which encouragement the development of school readiness skills. For example following instructions to complete challenges, recording ideas, working independently... 
All staff will liaise with you at the start and end of your child's session.
Mrs Alderson
Strategic Lead for EYFS
Danielle Fitzpatrick
Nursery Teacher
Miss Millard
Nursery Assistant Teacher
Mrs Holdsworth
Nursery Assistant Teacher
Mrs Howell
Nursery Assistant Teacher
Meet the Nursery team

Miss Fitzpatrick - Nursery Teacher
Miss Millard - Assistant Teacher
Mrs Holdsworth - Assistant Teacher
Mrs Howell - Assistant Teacher
Mrs Moore - Assistant Teacher
Mrs Alderson - Assistant Head, Strategic Lead for EYFS & EYFS Specialist Leader of Education