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Welcome to our class pages from everyone in Y56B! We will fill up the pages with scans, photos and videos of some of our brilliant learning activities. Also, our class calendar will help you stay up to date with key events.

Mr Ball, Miss Beaumont and Miss Whittaker
Food For Thought Week

During our focus week we tried lots of exciting activities! We baked Kieran's cookie recipe, learned all about Kenyan foods and diets, and studied the work of Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Have a look at Florence's food-inspired horse!

France Day

As part of our France Day, we tried to create famous French landmarks using only art straws and paper! Can you name the landmarks?

France Day
Exploration focus week

This week is our Exploration focus week. Each morning, we board the time machine and are transported to a different time and place!

So far we have visited the start of the universe, the dinosaurs and the Ice Age. I wonder where we will visit tomorrow?

Stay tuned for more updates!

Mr Ball
Human solar system

As part of our Exploration focus week, we have been studying the planets and our solar system. Have a look at one of our human solar systems! Can you recognise the Sun, moon and Earth?

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Write Now Focus Week

This week, we have been writing a range of different genres - all inspired by The Jolly Postman by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. Here you can see our persuasive adverts - do you think Cinderella would like to buy any of the new products? You might have to look closely!

Write Now Focus Week
Happy Red Nose Day 2013!

This afternoon we had a chance to Be Funny For Money by telling some jokes in class. Here are a few of the best...

What do triceratops sit on? Their tricera-bottoms! (Ellie)

Can I tell you a joke about the 30ft wall? No, you'd never get over it! (Poppy)

Why did the turkey cross the road? To prove he wasn't a chicken! (Joe)

What type of flower is on your face? Two-lips! (Jenson)

Well done everyone. Also, very well done to Ella and Poppy for their brilliantly funny dance!
The Jolly Postman

To complete our Write Now focus week, we all became published authors by writing our own versions of The Jolly Postman. These pictures are just a few examples of the excellent work from everyone - well done Caitlan, Leah, Danny and Felix!

The Jolly Postman
Learning Log - WC 15.4.2013

LC: To research an event that has happened in the UK in the past fortnight.

SC: Think about what has happened in the news. Use Espresso, newspapers and websites to help you.

*Remember - interesting and creative presentation!

Y56 Spellings List - WC 15.4.2013


Please practice these words ready for next week!

Many thanks,
Mr Ball

Week beginning 22nd April - Learning Log homework

LC: To research a significant religious figure, eg. Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama or the Archbishop of Canterbury.

SC: Exciting prsentation as always!

This week's spellings-


Thank you,
Mr Ball
Learning Log - Week 6

Sent out 16th May 2013, Due Back 20th May 2013

LC: To research your favourite food from another country

SC: Find out about recipes from a different country. Then, continue your research to find out any other interesting facts, information etc from that culture.

We will be using some of our research to inspire out International Focus Week!
Be Your Best Trackers

To all parents/carers,

Due to the fact that our colour printer is currently being repaired, we will be sending Be Your Best Trackers home on Monday, 3rd June when we return to school.

Have a great half term break.

Mr Ball
Maths Super Learning Day

On Monday of this week our class spent the day planning, budgeting and preparing a peppermint cream sale for charity. We worked on costings, budgets and profit margins and prepared the recipe.

On Friday we raised a fantastic £28.10! This will be split between the four charities we chose-

Dog's Trust
Help For Heroes
Cancer Research UK
St James' Hospital
Well done everyone!

Mr Ball