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We hope you enjoy looking at our wonderful learning and hearing about our fantastic learning opportunities!
Learning Log 3rd July 2013:

To write a book review for our class reader - Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis with an accompanying picture of Iris.

Maths Homework - Children have all been given word based money problems - check the maths homework tray if need be. For extra homework please challenge yourself on Mathletics
Maths Super Learning Day - 28th June 2013

On Friday the children were able to challenge themselves to use their knowledge of shape, space and measure to construct structures that would hold a large number of weights. Have a look and see which structure you think would be the strongest under the strain of a 1kg weight!

Maths Super Learning Day - 28th June 2013
19.06.2013 BOOK WEEK

Lots of books have food and drink as part of the story or part of the title, such as:

Green Eggs and Ham (Green eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss)
Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans (The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling)
Hot chocolate and Nougats (The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg)
Jarred Peaches (Holes by Louis Sachar)
Everlasting Gobstopper (Charlie and the chocolate factory - Roald Dahl)

Learning Challenge: invent your own food or drink item that could be part of your favourite stories. **** Don't do one that is already part of a book! **** Rewrite a paragraph from the story including it; explain what it is; write the recipe.....the choices are endless and it's up to you!
Book Week - June 17th-21st 2013

This week whilst looking at a wide variety of books the children were challenged to write a song about a famous book character. I think they have done a great job and hope you enjoy watching them!

June 12th 2013

This week we have been writing about the meeting of the 3 brothers and Death from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:

Learning Challenge: to be able to write a short story, description, comic strip or script based on the discover of a Horcrux

What a fabulous week we have had in Y5/6LJ this week. We arrived, via Primrose Airways to Japan at the start of the week and from there we have sailed the ocean reach the United States of America before reaching Italy our penultimate destination. Tomorrow we will be setting sail once again for Saudi Arabia. Thank you to all the children for their wonderful suggestions on destinations we could travel to and for guiding their learning excellently this week!

International Focus Week

On Monday and Tuesday we visited Japan and used our Art and Design skills to create Japan Origami as well as our own verisions of Doraemon the robotic Japanese cat.

International Focus Week
Date sent: 22.05.2013                                            Due Date: 03.06.2013
This week is Walk to school week – one of the benefits of walking more is a healthier you!
Learning Challenge:
To design a poster, presentation or fact page on at least one benefit of walking to school.

In the year 2000, over 180 countries signed up to a set of commitments for a better world to tackle issues such as hunger and poverty. These Millennium Development Goals included a goal of education for all by 2015.
But time is running out. With only two years to go over 60 million children are still missing out on school - sometimes because there simply aren’t enough teachers. At the current rate of progress there will still be about 48 million children out of school in 2015. Find out more global education facts.
Some countries need to provide the aid they promised, others need to make sure the aid gets spent on education, and many need to spend more of their own money on schools and teachers. Find out more about what we want. Many more struggle to learn in overcrowded classrooms with up to 100 children and only one teacher!

Have a look at our art work that we have done to try and remind World leaders of the promises made.
Send my friend to school - 21st May 2013Send my friend to school - 21st May 2013
Leeds Book Awards

A great moning had by all at the annual Leeds Book Awards. Our Story Circle group accompanied Mrs Hall to see which one of the short-listed books below claimed the the 9-11 award. check out this weeks news letter or http://www.leedsbookawards.co.uk/2013/index.php for what some might say is the suprise winner. Rachel Billington, Poppy's Hero Charlotte Haptie, Granny Grabbers' Whizz Bang World Conrad Mason, The Demon's Watch William Osborne, Hitler's Angel Michelle Paver, Gods and Warriors Marcus Sedgwick, Fright Forest

Leeds Book Awards
Maths Super Learning Day - May 20th 2013

What a day we have had today from film budgeting this morning to solving murders this afternoon. All in a day's work for Y5/6LJ! In teams of 2 or 3, the children have had to use their wit, calculation knowledge and problem solving skills to keep their movies in budget and put the right suspect behind bars! Jasmine - "Maths Super Learning Day was exciting because we used our skills we have from maths to solve unusual and fun maths problems." Marshall - "I enjoyed the murderous mystery maths as I found it a challenge to work out all the clues using my mathematics from all year!" Ayse - "It was a challenge! The time ran away today." Tia - "My partner and I found this afternoon hard to start with however when we looked at our mistakes we could solve the clues. This more gave us the freedom to practice, revise and develop our calculations and this afternoon was tricky and at times difficult!!" Alfie - "I enjoyed today as I had new things to learn and worked from my mistakes - it was really fun."

Maths Super Learning Day - May 20th 2013
Table point and stars of the week - year 5 SWAP 17th May 2013

Working together for the good of the table was how the winning table explained their success this week. After a narrow win, table 2 enjoyed their treat - an ice cream! 87 table points in one week is fantastic! Well done - let's see if you can win again next week.

Table point and stars of the week - year 5 SWAP 17th May 2013
Learning Log
Sent out: May 15th 2013                          Due back: 20th May 2013
Learning Challenge: To research your favourite food from another country or culture before finding out interesting and unusual facts about that place or culture.
Learning Log: Wednesday 8th May 2013

Year 6
Learning Challenge: to produce a SATs stress buster booklet to help other children get ready for SATs.

Year 5

Learning Challenge: to create, label and describe a mythical beast suitable for your knight to find on his quest.
Learning Log Wednesday 1st May 2013
In Science, over the last half term, we have been learning about how things can change state from a solid to a liquid etc and that some of these changes are reversible and some are irreversible. 

Learning Challenge: to plan an experiment to show how an item can change it state e.g. from a solid to a liquid etc
Include factors you will change (remember onlt to change one factor), measure and keep the same
Use a scientific question (How does the …. affect the ….?)
Make a prediction
Draw a results table

Science learning

As one of our Science starters we were able to identify all the major organs in the body, explain their function before finally trying to match them by placing them in the correct position on our own body!

Science learning
Changing states experiment

Having fun discovering what things change state when mixed with cold water - some of our predictions were interesting!

Changing states experiment
Legends - WC 29th April 2013

Ever wondered how to single handedly perform your story mountain? If so then look no further. Here are some of our very talented year 5s performing their story mountains for the class whilst we try and work out what their legend will be about. Hope you enjoy them as much as we all did - keep a look out next week for the writing that matches these rather funny clips.

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News Flash .... House Team Captains for summer term 2013!

Voyagers - Matthew  (Captain)
                    Katie       (Deputy)

Discovery - Oliver C  (Captain)
                    Korinna   (Deputy)

Pioneers - Lois S (Captian)
                   Tia W  (Deputy)

Explorers - Tiegan L (Captain)
                    Jack B    (Deputy)

Congratulations everyone - make sure you inspire your teams to earn as many house points as they can!
Homework 24th April 2013

For you grammar homework this week have a go at each on-line activity and record how you found them in your Learning Log:



Learning log homework 24th APRiL 2013

Our new RE topic for this term is to look at significant people in different religions comparing and contrasting them.

Learning Log: to research a significant religious figure e.g. Mother Teresa or the Dalai Lama
Traditional tales - 18th April 2013

Read on to see excellent examples of our talented writers in Y56LJ. These pieces of work are based on traditional fairy tales but they aren't as traditional as you may think! Ever wondered if the wolf is really big and bad? They have also been published on www.lendmeyourliteracy.com - check it out to see what others think. We know you'll be impressed!

Traditional tales - 18th April 2013

Wonderful examples of writing! These two pieces were written as a reaction from a stimulus they saw on ‘Lend me your Literacy’. I think you'll agree, although the subject matter is not for the faint hearted, both girls provoke emotions and a heart-wrenching reaction! Well done girls!

Learning log 17th April 2013                                                                                            Due Monday 22nd 2013

Learning Challenge: to research a news worthy story that has happened in the UK and been reported in the UK press in the past week.

Think about what has been in the news: Cardiff winning promotion to the premier ship, the outbreak of measles the death and funeral of Margaret Thatcher, the running of the annual Virgin London Marathon (taking place Sunday 21st)
Use Espresso, or BBC News round as a starting point
Learning Log - Friday 5th April
to write a guide for a popular piece of equipment that Freddie and Polly from 'Frozen in Time' could use to help them in the modern world they have found themselves in.
Learning log: Handed out Wednesday 20th March 2013 – due in Monday 25th March 2013
On Wednesday 13th March 2013 the Catholic Church decided on their new pope. He is now to be known as Pope Francis 1st to the estimated 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide.

Learning Challenge one: to research Pope Francis and his journey to becoming leader of the Catholic Church.

Learning Challenge two: to produce an information page or leaflet to explain all about Easter and how it is celebrated.

What a week Y56LJ had during focus week from creating dreamy mints to writing wonderful reports all in the name of their companies! There was however a competitive side to their work and I am pleased to announce that the winners of the Mint Cream company challenge are:
Helena and Katie who are the company directors of Mint Swirls
Alfie and Jack who are the company directors of Minty Babies
Both companies worked exceptionally hard and produced wonderfully unique mint creams as well as some wonderful persuasive writing. Keep your eyes on the class pages for examples of this. Special mentions to Sweet Counters who worked extremely hard on their own work and helped other groups achieve and Korinna from K&A's minty dreams for her wondeful photostory homework. It was my favourite piece this week and earned her 4 house points! See what you think of it .

All children who were part of a winning company or received a special mention will be taking home their prizes next week - photos of our award presentations to follow.
Korinna's fantastic learning log presentation.

The children were given the task of creating a review of focus week and Korinna decided to present hers using photo-story. Sit back, relax and enjoy her wonderful homework.

K and A Minty Dreams
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18th March 2013 Our very own fireman Jack! This afternoon 25 of our year 5s have had their very own fire safety talk. They have looked at what causes a fire and the dangers that can be found in homes across the UK. In order to try and help them with fire safety the children have been asked to complete a fire plan which they can share with families so that if they are ever faced with the situation of a house fire they are more than prepared. As well as fire plans the children have been learning about the problems caused by hoax’s calls and what they can do to be a responsible citizen. Please remember if you need any advice about smoke alarms such as the fitting of the please do not hesitate to contact the community team at Stanningley fire station who advised today that they would only be too happy to help.

Maths homework part 1 for w/c 18th March

On-line maths homework for all. This is part one of your homework and will be due in on Monday 25th March 2013. The remainder of your homework will be given out in class on Wednesday 20th March.

Friday 15th March - Our afternoon with Donavan

For our final afternoon of Write Now focus week we weere lucky enough to work wiht rapper and poet, Mr Rapman himself - Donavan Christopher. Listen in to see our quick raps

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Friday 15th March 2013

My two favourite jokes told by my funny for money class on Friday!

What do you call a nun who sleep walks?
A roaming Catholic! - Tiegan

Why did two penguins jump when they first met?
They were trying to break the ice. - Billy

Check out the schools Red Nose day page for the rest of the jokes from our class.
15th March 2013

Wow! What an amazing focus week we have had in school. The children have pulled together to try and earn their company as many points as possible - The winning company will be awarded their prize on Monday after careful consideration of all their learning - stay tuned to Y56LJ's class page for the announcement.
Thursday 14th 2pm - As we speak the companies are frantically trying to complete each challenge that they have been set. The companies are competing for a chance to earn as many points as they can. Each activity correlates to an amount of points for example: creating a jingle is worth 3 points, writing an invitation to the taste event 7 points whilst a persuasive letter is worth 25 points.
The companies are as follows:
Marshall and Luke – Mint Dreams
Korinna and Ayse – K&A’s Minty Dreams
Tia and Mia – Mini Mints
Oliver and Owen – Dip of Mint
Leona, Jasmine and Lois – Sweet Counters
Tiegan and Tyler – Double T’s chocolate treats.
Helena and Katie – Mint Swirls
Jack and Alfie – Minty Babies
Joshua and Billy – Dunked Creams
Matthew, Eakam and Jordan – Mint Curls
Check out the website early next week to see which company claimed the prize for the tastiest peppermint creams and the best business portfolio!
14.03.2013 - HOMEWORK

Learning Log: as mentioned to all members of Y56LJ their homework is to do a complete review of their learning from this week. This can be presented anyway they like remembering to make it as unique as possible. Think about how successful your company was in achieving all the necessary learning tasks. Homework to be handed in on Tuesday 19th March 2013.
TV adverts - W/C 11th March 2013

Watch our TV ads for the latest chocolates to hit the scene.

Dunked Creams
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Dip of mint
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Minty babies
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The ultimate taste test! Tuesday 12th March 2013

In order to fully understand how to make the perfect pepper mint cream which has just enough chocolate mixed with mint we tried our hand at grading some specimens. It was a tricky job but someone had to do it!

The ultimate taste test! Tuesday 12th March 2013
Write on Focus week - w/c 11th March 2013 The making and prepearing of our wonderful product

"How tricky can it be?" the children asked? Well they have found out! The mixing of the ingredients was the hardest part as Jasmine explained as the mixture went 'Rock Solid!'

Write on Focus week - w/c 11th March 2013 The making and prepearing of our wonderful product

Write On - w/c 11th March 2013

As one of the optional learning tasks in this week’s task,
the newly formed chocolate companies could chose to perform a jingle to advert their new product. Have a listen at the ones so far.

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Jingle for Mint Curls based on a popular song - Can you guess what it is?

Nervous but passionate
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Calling all chocolatiers! Learning from 11-3-13

Throughout Write On Focus Week Y56LJ will have the tastiest challenge of their lives! This morning (in pairs) the children formed their own companies to make, advertise and persuade others that their version of pepper mint creams will be the biggest hit and make their taste buds tingle.  Keep a look out for our latest news, jingles, adverts and writing! May the best mint win.

William Morris - 8th March 2013

Preparing for Mothering Sunday with our Victorian inspired William Morris tiles

William Morris - 8th March 2013

World Book Day 2013 arrived with a bang, from family reading breakfast fun to living web-links the children had a chance to really enjoy the day!  Can you guess what traditional tales we are from?
World Book Day 2013World Book Day 2013

The children had a fantastic day recently at Armley Mills. We started the day (looking amazing in our Victorian outfits) in the school room and experienced lessons as they would have been during the Victorian era. In the afternoon we saw the spinning mules in operation whilst having a go at some of the jobs that the children would have been expected to complete had they been alive in Victorian Britain. Finally we were able to visit a Mill owners cottage and try our hand at rag rugging in!

Our wonderful Victorian trip to Armley MillsOur wonderful Victorian trip to Armley Mills
Exploration Focus Week - w/c 28.01.2013

What a fantastic week we are having so far. Travelling back in time is simply the best! In 2 days we have gone from the beginning of the universe to the Jurassic period - We can't wait till tomorrow! Table 5

Exploration Focus Week - w/c 28.01.2013
Star writers - 24.01.13

Read on to see excellent examples of our talented writers in Y56LJ. These pieces of work are based on the famous narrative poem The Highway man by Alfred Noyes and have been published on www.lendmeyourliteracy.com - check it out to see what others think. We know you'll be impressed!

Star writers - 24.01.13
Visit from the discovery centre!

Ever wondered how to explain the journey through time? Well look no further - we have all the information you'll need, on the toilet roll of course!

Visit from the discovery centre!
The creation of our own DinosaursThe creation of our own Dinosaurs
Igloo building 22-01-2013

Where there's snow there's a project! The children have been busy all day exploring architecture whilst trying to build their very own igloo in the school playground. We are not finished yet but take a look at our progress so far.

Igloo building 22-01-2013

15-01-2013 Lights, camera, action! Watch our budding young film maker in action.

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Another excellent Expert of the Week - this time on J.K. Rowlings master piece Harry Potter.

This weeks featured expert of the week.

Listen in and watch our wonderful ballroom dancer explain all about her amazing talents!

French day in Y56J

Bienvenue a nos jours francaise - aujourd'hui nous avons examine celebres personnalies francaises de points de repere a la fois le passe et le present ainsi que le celebre. Essayez de deviner ce que nous avons construit! Welcome to our French day - today we looked at famous French individuals from both the past and present as well as famous landmarks. Try and guess what we built!

French day in Y56J
Record breakers?!

On Thursday 6th December 2012 Y5/6 are taking part in a Guiness World Record attempt! We will be packing bags at Asda throughout the morning and raising money for the Text Santa appeal. I am sure with our brilliant manners, excellent problem solving skills (how to fit those awkward shaped things into the bag) and fantastic teamwork we will be unstoppable! Come down and let us pack your bags and raise some money for a really good cause.

Update: We all had a fantastic time at Asda and helped many shoppers with their purchases throughout the morning. All of Year 5/6 were a credit to Primrose Hill and were praised many times for their manners, team approach and enthusiasm by shoppers and staff at the store. Well done to you all!

The collecting buckets were feeling very full by the time that we left so, as soon as we have a total amount that we collected for the TextSanta appeal from the store, we will let you know!
Paired reading

Each week members of Y56J meet with Y1LP to practice our reading skills. We help each other decode tricky words, read with expression and develop a growing love for reading.

Paired reading
Our wonderful writing stars! 11-12-12

Read on to see excellent examples of our talented writers in Y56LJ. These pieces of work are based on David Almond's classic Skellig and have been published on www.lendmeyourliteracy.com - check it out to see what others think. We know you'll be impressed!

Our wonderful writing stars! 11-12-12
Shakespeare Schools Festival - 2012

Our wonderful thespians during our performance of Midsummer Nights Dream at the Carriageworks Theatre in Leeds.

Shakespeare Schools Festival - 2012