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Y56C – Miss Colman
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In the Year of Positive thinking, we will be sharing examples of learning we are proud of through pictures, work samples, voice recordings and even videos.
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Water Fountain

In Y5/6C, we have been learning about how to make a water fountain using a bottle and straws. First of all we watched a balloon inflate and fly across the classroom. We discussed how this happened because it is full of air. We then inflated a balloon and placed the mouth of the balloon over the empty bottle without letting too much air escape. From this we found that the balloon did not change size. His happens because both the bottle and the balloon are full of air so the air inside the balloon has nowhere to escape. Straws were then poked through the bottle which was then full of water to the top of the straw. We poured water into the bottle over the level of the hole and were surprised that nothing happened to the water. Finally we blew up the balloon and put the mouth over the top of the bottle. When we let it go, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! a fabulous fountain! This happened because the air in the balloon pushed down on the water and forced it up the straw. We enjoyed the experiment and watching how the water squirted out Reported by Professors in Y56C

Water Fountain
World War 2

During this half term, Y5/6C have been learning about World War 2. One of the main things about the war that we been learning about is how and why World War 2 started. The clips below are made entirely out of the pupils research and their own ideas. As previously mentioned, all of the work that you are about to see is all of this half terms research put into small presentations.

How WW2 started
How WW2 started
Apprentice Focus Week

During the focus week, we have done a lot of learning focused on designing and making a new logo for the school as well as designing the Extended Services Room. Today, we invited Y2D to our classroom to be our apprentices. The children enjoyed learning a range of tasks. These included drawing a frog, making an electrical circuit, improving handwriting, learning magic tricks and improving football skills. Here are some pictures of us enjoying our teaching time.

Apprentice Focus Week
Coding and programming using the NXT Robot

This week, Year 5 children have visited Crawshaw Academy to explore coding and programming using the NXT Robot. We hope you enjoy looking at the video we have made of our learning.

Investigating air resistanceInvestigating air resistance
Investigating air resistance
On The Move Focus Week

This morning we enjoyed examining the roller , excavator and the digger. All children got the opportunity to sit in one of the vehicles. We also measured different parts of the vehicles such as the tyres and steering wheels and made sketches. Here are our photographs.

On The Move Focus Week
Construction time

Todays mission was to design and make a construction scoop to pick up, hold and transport a fixed load 13m. The children worked really well to succeed in their mission. Here is a sample of their learning.

Construction time
World Book day - Speed book sharing

Today is World Book Day. We started the day by telling each other about our books. We only had 2 minutes each before we rotated to another person to hear about their book. The most popular book that we liked to hear about was Timmy Failure because it made us all laugh. We hope you will too when you listen to the review.

World Book Day – working with Key Stage 1

Y5/6C have recently made quizzes based on Y2D’s favourite books. They were seeing how much they knew about the books and if they could find answers in the books. All of the quizzes have gone extremely well like with Gangsta Granny in which both children got full marks.Y2D children said that they immensely enjoyed working with Y5/6C and they would love to do it again.

World Book Day – working with Key Stage 1
World Book day - Speed book sharingWorld Book day - Speed book sharing
Science Blast

This week during Science Blast, we have found out that 1 basketball and 1 tennis ball works a trick. If you hold a tennis ball over an average size basketball and drop them at the same time the tennis ball should hit the basketball on its way back up and fly far into the air. Why does this happen I hear you say… Well, this happens because when the basketball hits the ground first some of the ground gives force to the basketball, then the force is sent back to the basketball which transfers to the tennis ball on contact. That`s all for this week`s Science Blast Ladies and Gentlemen. Reported by a Y5/6C Professor

Science Blast
Mayan Dance

In Y5/6C we have been analysing traditional Mayan dance. From this we then produced our own group sequences which we combined into a class dance. Today we have had the challenge of performing our dance with our Mayan headdresses on. This was far more difficult than we initially thought although we had a lot of fun producing it. We hope you enjoy watching our performance.

Science Sound Day

Today in Science we rotated around a range of different activities all about sound. In the below photos we are measuring the height of rice from the vibrations of the music.

Science Sound Day
Internet Safety Day

In class we have been learning how to keep safe when using the internet. In groups of 4 or 5 we each picked a dilemma card and took turns to roll a dice which told us characters, setting and a type of device to include in our learning. Below is a sample of our learning. Why not have a sing along? If you follow the below link, you will also find a quiz. http://www.saferinternet.org.uk/safer-internet-day/2015/things-to-do/quiz

The diamond starIn Y5/6C we had the challenge of making a whole class animation.
This started with every child saying a word so that we produced a short story with a beginning, middle and end.
Each child was then given a part of the story to show through illustrations.

We had a lot of fun with this activity and hope you enjoy watching our clip.
The story is also below.
The diamond star

At 3.00pm, the Saturn V launched off into space. It was amazing because it had some diamonds on board. The Saturn V crashed into a planet and broke into pieces. Because it was full of diamonds, earth lost lots of money. Fortunately, the diamonds formed a star. The star looks astonishing from earth.


This term we have enjoyed composing Gymnastic sequences with our friends. In our sequences, we worked hard linking our movements, holding our balances and landing on the balls of our feet when landing from a jump. Our favourite sequences of the day, which we voted on, are shared below. We hope you enjoy watching some examples of our learning.

Silent Shadow Stories.

Over the last week, we have been working on our unique, silent shadow stories. There were many genres including love and romance, death and war but don’t forget the penguins! However, all were amazing in their own way. We got our inspiration from Brittan’s got talent winners ATTRACTION! Composed by Thomas and Leo

Mirror Mazes

Challenge: To send the laser through the start and finish point reflecting off at least 3 mirrors. In class, we started by investigating how light travels and learnt that when a beam of light is reflected from a surface, its direction changes. Our teacher completed a technical drawing to show that flat mirrors reflect a true likeness of objects. This is because light falling on a mirror at a certain angle (the angle of incidence) will be reflected at an equal angle (the angle of reflection). This led to our own diagrams. After positioning each mirror, we drew a line at 90° from the mirror's surface as this line acts as a mirror to the angle of incidence and reflection. The different angles were then measured from the 90 degree point. Some of the mazes have been used in the Dark Den whilst others have been displayed on our challenging learning display. Miss Colman was extremely proud of the learning that took place.

Mirror Mazes
Christmas around the world

This week we shared our Learning Log homework activities about how different countries celebrate Christmas. We then voted on two countries we would like to learn more about. We have shown our learning about Ghana and Germany in lots of different ways. We hope you enjoy listening to some.

Great Glockenspiel learning

In music we have been exploring repetition and contrast in melody using the glockenspiels. We explored different ways of arranging 4 different musical phrases and then combined them to make a melody.

Cities around the world

Breaking News This week Y5/6C have been learning about Chicago and have been making landmarks like: The Bean, The Water Fountain, The Willis Tower and much more. We have made our own Chicago skyline, in the style of Damien Hirst, and found out how to make a picture out of hundreds of dots. We also have been interviewers and reporters. This week we have had lots of fun and we thank all of the teachers for making this focus week exciting!!!! Reported by Shannon and Jakobi

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Landmarks – jigsaws and models

At the start of the week, we were given a jigsaw challenge to complete. We then researched and made scale drawings of the famous landmarks we were interested in. Here are our finished models which were displayed in the hall. Can you name any?

Landmarks – jigsaws and models
The Year of Positive Thinking

Today has been the official launch of our Year of Positive Thinking. Children in UKS2 have enjoyed taking part in various activities in the morning which have challenged them in different ways. In these challenges, children had to earn their ingredients for the apple and pear crumble bake off challenge in the afternoon. We were really impressed with the positive attitude children showed throughout the day. This culminated in all of UKS2 in the hall baking in teams of 4 with the ingredients they had earned throughout the day. Well done everybody!

The Year of Positive Thinking
Mission: Save the dragon

In July, we were set the mission of making a structure to transport our invented dragons from one island to another. We had a lot of fun testing our ideas and showed a great positive attitude when things didn’t go as well as expected. We hope you enjoy looking at some of our pictures.

Mission: Save the dragon
Should Brutus join the conspirators and kill Caesar?

Listen to find out what our Brutus decided...