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Welcome to Y5/6B

Mrs Barnes and Mr Woodruff

This year is 'The Year of Positive Thinking'.

Please take a few moments to join us on our learning journey- we have a lot to share with you!

Here is the link for the DB Primary website which our children have recently been introduced to and we will use to support our learning throughout the year:


Blitz Poetry

Poems about one night in the Blitz ...

Blitz Poetry
WWII Propaganda Posters

We have designed some Propaganda Posters on the theme of Evacuation.

WWII Propaganda Posters
Science Blast!

Observing newts in our newly developed pond area ...

Science Blast!
Mayan Dance

We have choreographed a dance with a Mayan Tribal Dance in PE, using the pulse and rhythm of Mayan music to give it a realistic feel. Our final performance was made wearing our hats and headdresses.

Mayan Headresses

During the Spring Term, we have been learning about the Mayans as our History Topic. One of our Design Technology learning tasks has been to create a Mayan Hat or Headress to be worn in a traditional Mayan Dance.

Mayan Headresses
Red Nose Day 'Selfies'Red Nose Day 'Selfies'
Red Nose Day 13th March 2015

Funny Face Frames ...

World Book Day Picture Book

On World Book Day we made some picture books for younger children. Here are some examples.


Some of our class have been reading the book 'Cloudbusting'. The book is written in prose. Listen to two girls reading the first few pages of the book- do you think you would like to hear more?

Player Loading...
Julius Caesar Freeze Frames

Our class have been reading the Shakespeare play, Julius Caesar. These pictures show some freeze frames of key moments in the play leading up to Caesar's assassination. Can you guess which characters different people may be?

Julius Caesar Freeze Frames
Our class contract

As a class we have made our class promise which we would like to share with you here. On one side are the promises that the teachers who work in Y56S make to each and every one of our children. On the other are the things that the children have said that they would like to try to do to make learning in our class exciting; feel supported by others and achieve their maximum potential.